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Choose the Best of the Excavation Options for You

March 9, 2020

If you plan to use the excavator for many projects, this would compensate for the purchase remembering that the durability of an excavator can be between 10 and 15 years. Therefore, study the depreciation before purchasing any asset. From the chippers by YRCO you can find the best deals now.

Its operating cost is very high and will be reduced with the purchase of the equipment to the point of justifying the purchase. Think of an excavator as an investment. For this reason, it is important to assess the entire context in which the machine will operate, both in the present moment and in the future.

It’s one thing to buy simple equipment like a washing machine and regret it later; the damage is not so suffered. However, this type of mistake for an excavator can mean long-term costs that take years to pay. Therefore, note if the used machine is easy to resell later. This can even help in the acquisition of new equipment in the future. Here are our tips for buying an excavator and making a good investment.

chippers by YRCO

New or used excavator

Some tasks and industries demand the most refined and modern technologies, while others can do very well with older and more rustic models. Whether you choose a new or used excavator, make a list of essential features you need to accomplish your tasks. If you need a crawler tractor but the excavator you are evaluating is wheeled, it is very likely that you will not be satisfied in the long run.

When choosing a semi-new excavator:

If you work in the civil construction or demolition sector, mainly or any other area that does not require great technologies to operate. This way, by purchasing a used excavator in good condition, you will be able to maintain minimal costs and expand your operational capabilities.

What to Watch for Used Excavators

The main issue in machine operations is ergonomics, which also concerns work safety. There have been many advances in the issue of worker health, which has led the tractor industries to adapt machines to current legislation.

Therefore, check if the tractor you intend to purchase has conditions of use or if it needs adaptations to ensure the integrity of the employees. Also, check the cost that this can have. If it is too high, it may not be worth it.

Another important point is to find out if the excavator has gone through some type of accident. This can impact the overall structure of the chassis or parts that are difficult to replace, in addition to compromising performance and safety.

What to evaluate the costs of a semi-new excavator

In summary, make sure the benefit-cost pays off. In other words, be clear about exactly what benefits the acquisition of the semi-new excavator should bring to the projects and to the company as a whole. Mainly observe if the integrity of the excavator’s performance is preserved. The main benefit, therefore, is the improvement in some processes. That way, the acquisition decision will be clearer.

Another important point is the maintenance costs. See if the machine brand has spare parts available. For many old excavators, replacement parts are only found in junkyards, which can become a nuisance in the long run. For this reason, choosing a well-known brand, which has good customer service both in sales and after-sales, will help you reduce your headaches with used excavators.