wedding dj yorkshire

Discover The Fun With the DJ Tunes

July 23, 2019

This is the checklist with tips for choosing the perfect DJ for your wedding party. A party needs a DJ who blends all tastiest records seamlessly together. A DJ can play something for everyone and gets all his feet off the floor. With this checklist, hopefully, it will be a bit easier to find the best wedding dj yorkshire .

Choose an experienced DJ

Being a DJ is a profession. And in my eyes there are 2 types of DJs:

  • The DJ with his own style who only plays his own (genre) music
  • The all-round DJ who can play all genres

Does the DJ turn his own style? This doesn’t have to be a problem if all your guests also love that style. It is possible that this DJ only runs techno and house, and then it can be difficult for the DJ to switch to other genres. The experienced all-round DJ can effortlessly adapt to all different genres, such as turning the top 40, hip-hop and house for the young, and disco, soul and rock for the elderly.

DJ who adapts musically

wedding dj yorkshire

An all-round DJ adapts musically to the visitors to the party. Often a mixed audience attends a wedding, birthday, company party or anniversary, young to old and friends to family. The DJ must be able to play something for everyone, and preferably have experience in this.

Is it not a ‘flat’ DJ

You want a certain party. You want a little quality. See if the intended DJ offers this. By this I mean: the DJ must look, representative, the DJ must have more experience than the carnival in the village, the DJ must have an appropriate microphone, and the DJ must not play inappropriate music.

Professional equipment

Does the DJ take his own technique? That is fine in many cases. The DJ knows his own equipment best, and therefore the chance of problems is the smallest. It is important, however, that the DJ takes along professional technology.

Replacement DJ

Everyone can get sick, so can your DJ even though he says not. Make sure you think about this beforehand. Discuss with your DJ how this is covered. The DJ shows must arrange a worthy replacement. At we always have a backup DJ on the busiest days. On the other days, use a network of professional all-round DJs to deploy a worthy replacement.

A clear all-in price

Make sure that you agree on a price that includes all costs, or that you know what the structure is. The cost of a DJ performance depends on the following:

  • The number of operating hours
  • Technic
  • Construction and dismantling
  • Travel expenses
  • Waiting for money
  • VAT

Work with an all-in price, so there are no surprises afterward.

Is the DJ not too cheap?

As explained above, there are many types of DJs. There are also many DJs who play as a hobby. Check carefully what the roots of the DJ are. A very cheap DJ is often expensive. Does the DJ have the right equipment? The difference in price is often in the experience and quality of the DJ.