Flashlights in Vietnam

Does this have to be with, or can it stay at home? practical travel accessories

June 9, 2019

Summertime is travel time. Choose your destination, book your flight, choose your accommodation, and look forward to day x. Even days before the trip starts, the question of all questions, I pack my bags and take with me? Yes, what is it? Clothes and shoes and of course much more than needed. The same questions every time, do I need that or can I stay home? So that you can prepare yourself for your next trip in a relaxed way, here you find favorite travel accessories, which have more than deserved to be taken. With the Flashlights in Vietnam you can get more.

The fanny pack

Flashlights in Vietnam

Yes, that’s right: the belly bag. Especially in the hip hop scene, she used to be very popular. It fits in addition to the necessary change a rifle. But the wild times are over. In 2019, the Fanny Pack has become socially acceptable and is most popular with festival visitors. Because it is small, versatile and incredibly practical because cell phone, keys, and money can be safely stored in it and you continue to have both hands free. As for the style factor, she does not have to hide. Different designs, colors, and fabrics make them an all-around talent concerning the combinability with different looks.

The neck pillow

Anyone who has ever experienced a long-haul flight without a neck pillow will certainly not do this a second time especially if you have caught the ungrateful seat in the middle of the plane. If you can at least use your jacket as a cushion at the window seat and lean against the cabin wall, the head constantly falls from left to right during a nap in a middle or aisle seat without any support. This is not only super uncomfortable but also harms the neck muscles. That’s why always write a neck pillow on the packing list.

Shoe bag

A travel accessory that can avoid some dirty surprise, a shoe bag. Quickly packed a second pair of sneakers in the suitcase and then panic at the resort that they were not clean and now on the favorite shirt is a stain? A horror scenario. This certainly does not happen to you with the Eagle Creek shoe bag Pack Shoe Sac. Made from a close-meshed, waterproof mesh, this pouch reliably catches dirt. So my shoes now travel only in a shoe bag.

Packing aid

For all cases Messis, the perfect solution to finally keep the desired order: a packing aid. Whether T-shirts, swimsuits, or socks, with these suitcase accessories, the garments remain in place and do not fly wildly in the trolley. Through the window, you can see at first glance, what is in the packing aid and does not have to rummage through the whole suitcase. If you are such a candidate who always forgets the bag for dirty laundry, the packing aid is twice as convenient. On the outward journey, she ensures order; on the way back, she separates dirty from clean laundry. In the small version, you can also use a charger, headset, or power bank wonderful place and take in your carry-on.