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March 3, 2020

The recommendation of a mover by a relative, via word of mouth, or the consultation of opinions of former customers can lead you to prefer this mover rather than another. It is for this reason that it is essential to consult the testimonials left by customers on the site of the mover. Movers’ lets you speak through a dedicated “Testimonials” section to tell your feelings about the move or read those already present. The second solution to find opinions on your future mover: Google Maps. Our card on Google Maps is also available to leave a comment. You can search by movers near me and come up with the best solutions.

Perform an initial sorting of your goods

Over the years in your home whether in a house or in an apartment, you accumulate business and business without paying attention. Before moving again and before the visit of several movers, we strongly advise you to make an initial sorting of your goods. This will benefit you on several levels:

Make people happy: this first sorting will allow you to donate, sell or throw away some of your business, unused in recent years, which has no sentimental or market value.

Reduce the cost: this sorting will reduce your total volume cubic capacity calculated in m3 to be moved. Fewer goods, fewer boxes, the mover will, therefore, provide you with a cheaper quote than if you had not made this selection.

movers near me

There is no need to pay for the transportation of goods to throw them away after moving in. It is a good initiative to do this sorting.

Canvass moving companies and compare them

Now that you are an expert in choosing a mover, it is time to contact them. So thanks to this 2nd selection, you will meet these removal professionals and thus, judge them on their seriousness while obtaining a precise quote and additional information.

Require removal of the mover to your home

Now, the volume to be moved is optimized and it only needs to contact your list of movers. Any professional mover whatsoever must go to your home to best judge the volume to be transported, the goods to be packed depending on the package chosen and the environment floor, difficulty of access, elevator or staircase, street access or private parking, etc. If a mover close to your home does not want to move, we advise you to ignore him.

Request a written and detailed quote

This home visit will allow the mover to be able to provide you with a clear and detailed estimate. Upon receipt of the latter, we warmly recommend that you read each line on the quote carefully. You must therefore find:

  • The date of the move,
  • The final volume estimated by this professional,
  • The distance to travel between your current accommodation and the future,
  • Any constraints on access to your accommodation,

The material provided by the mover or at your expense: at Movers, we provide everything necessary for your move (boxes, blankets, bubble wrap, wardrobe, etc.). Discover all the material made available here on our website.

Payment conditions: a deposit must be paid to block the date of the move, the balance is made after the move. Any mover can offer their customers payment facilities (in 3 or 4 installments at no cost). Don’t forget to ask him during this visit.

Take the opportunity to ask all the questions that seem important to you in choosing the ideal mover.