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Great Supports with the Data Reporting Tool Now

March 3, 2020

The number of visits to the page is largely influenced by the position in Google search results. There is a perception that Internet users focus only on their first page (in the world of SEO there is even a joke: “Where is the easiest way to hide a corpse? Thanks to tools for monitoring the position on selected keywords, we can observe the places in Google rankings day by day on which our site ranks. Tools that allow you to monitor positions for individual keywords include Positionly, WebPosition, SeoStation or SerpMonster. Most of them have free trial periods, but in order to be able to draw meaningful conclusions, you need to monitor positions for longer periods of time, and this usually requires a paid subscription. With the data reporting tool you can find the best choices.

data reporting tool

The disadvantage of keyword monitoring tools is that they only allow you to track a limited range of phrases specifically the phrases we’ve added for monitoring. Other tools, such as Ahrefs or SemStorm, allow you to determine the visibility of the website in search engines in a much broader context they include the visibility of the website for all phrases above 20 searches per month.

If you want to check the effectiveness of actions taken by positioners, we recommend you focus:

  • Statistics on the number of specific keywords for which your website appears in Google results (including the number of phrases in the top10 Google ranking),
  • Relating them to the results achieved by the nearest competitors,
  • Estimated organic traffic (based on positions taken in rankings for keywords over 20 searches per month).
  • To view the result of the SEMSTORM analysis, simply enter the address of the page in the bar on the main page and click Check:

After an instant analysis, we will receive insight into some of the data regarding the visibility of our website. Among them, the most important are the values ​​describing:

  • Estimated organic traffic,
  • The number of keywords in the top 50 Google
  • The number of keywords in the top 10 Google.

General view of page visibility analysis

In addition to checking the general data on the visibility of the site in the free version of SEMSTORM, we can also compare your visibility with the competition. To do this, select the SEO competitors tab: Full data on keywords, competition and other elements are available in a paid SEMSTORM subscription, but even based on the data slice from the free version we can get some important information about the overall visibility of our website and our results against the background of direct competition.

Optimization: PageLocus and SEO Quake

We divide actions aimed at taking a high position by a given website into two main areas: on-site and off-site. And the correctness of the first at the basic level allows us to diagnose the free Page Locus tool. Below are briefly discussed the individual elements on the page that are worth paying attention to during the analysis.

Page Locus: main page view

This tool will expressly analyze your website in terms of SEO and generate a report, which will present its point assessment (on a scale of 1 to 100) for 4 main elements on-site optimization (On-Site SEO), website speed (Page Speed), popularity in social media (Social) and authority of the site (Authority). The higher the rating, the better our site performs in your area.