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November 22, 2019

Initially, the young man turned to professionals for help, intuitively feeling that the shape of the haircut was wrong: the temporal zone and bangs were mistakenly cut off in a round shape. The solution options were two to grow or cut shorter. We chose the second option. You can go for the Hair Highlights also and come up with the best solutions for the same.

Men’s haircut is a piece of jewelry, because the hair is short and cut out literally for a few centimeters and millimeters. A modern hairdresser should be able to cut not only the hair and beard, but also the eyebrows, to build the image as a whole.

The main difference between the male and female haircut is the geometric shape of the square. She gives masculinity. The bone structure of the male head differs from the female one. We must understand this, so as not to make the form more elongated.

Consider the below things:

  • Direction of hair growth,
  • Emphasize it on all areas of haircuts
  • The structure of the hair
  • Presence or absence of a beard
  • Cutting stroke round shape correction

My hair is to make the haircut more accurate

Hair Highlights

We identify the errors and estimate the volume of the material hair: is it possible to have a square shape at this length, or do we need to grow? Our round shape of the temporal zone and bangs, we decided to cut even shorter.

  • In this situation, we cut one side of the hair shorter to get a harmonious picture. Low hair growth suggests that you should not make a clear edging, so make a blurry line. The task is to give the haircut an overgrown two-week-old appearance.
  • Do not do a round shape, even if you do not have enough hair. It is better to leave a straight line, a contour on neck narrowing.
  • Note that the neck of a man should be wide as opposed to a woman’s. The temporal zone is formed in the general square geometry.

Getting rid of the round shape shows for us where volume is needed. Here we do not observe a pronounced error, however, when growing. The temporal zone will come to the fore and will expand the face. The fall zone, which gives us the angle, will be in the zone of conjugation and float, leading a temple, etc. The shape will be lost. That’s why it’s very important to arrange the corners correctly. They will provide us with a masculine form.

The stages of choosing a hair salon for hair washing

The cost of the model does not matter. Modern technologies have allowed creating models that are made from cheaper consumables, but at the same time look quite presentable. The difference is only in the technical possibilities of washing. Depending on the budget allocated, we choose a hairdresser’s hair wash in three stages.

The first stage is visual perception. The model should correspond to the general theme of the institution and not stand out against the background of other subjects.

The second stage it should be functional and practical. Now models are presented with or without an armchair. The choice depends on the square meters allocated for this equipment. The presence of additional mechanisms increases its cost, but increases the comfort of the client and the master. The main thing is to understand what you prefer.

If you choose a hairdresser’s hair washing at these stages, then pick up a model that will not only decorate your institution, but also will last a long time.