How safe Living in Australia is?

March 26, 2019

Moving to a new place comes with excitement and with the hope of a bright future. But, one of the major concerns of migration is safety. Some people prefer to leave their home town due to political unrest or increased crime rate. In this guide, we have highlighted why Australia is a safe, calm, and secure place to live in.


One of the main questions which applicants ask our migration agent is,’ How safe is it to live in Australia.’ Fortunately, you can say that Australia is the safest place on this earth. To start with, the excellent governing system and the people following the rules and regulations. After that, the high-level education system and the various employment opportunities make Australia best for your bright future. If you want to know more then continue reading the blog as our migration consultant Brisbane has shared everything in detail about the safety factor in Australia.

What does the safety stats tell?


The Institute of Criminology’s in Australia, have shared a report on national homicide (one person killing the other) trends. It has shown that the incident rate is very low in the past 25 years. 

Fortunately, the homicide rate in the past 5 years has declined by 7.9%. All this because the Australian government takes efforts to reduce the crime rate and give their citizens a peaceful and happy place to live in. 

Australia’s homicide rate is very low as compared to the global homicide average rate of 6.2 per 1,00,000 which is shared in the homicide report of the Union nations global study. 

On the other hand countries like Mexico (21.5%), South Africa (31%), and Colombia (30.8%) have a very high homicide rate.

Theft and burglary

Back in 2018, Australia has recorded the lowest number of theft rates since 2010. Well, this is all because of the strong economy and top-notch policies of the Australian government and police department. 

For some thieves, breaking into the house or office might be easy, but when they leave fingerprints, this is all where the game changes. They are linked with other offenses and the government makes sure strict actions are taken against them.

Number of prisoners

  • According to the 2018 stats, Australia’s imprisonment rate was 221 prisoners per 100,000 adult population. But, last year there was a decrease of 1% which means 219 persons per 100,000 adult population. These stats are linked to the prisoners who have done common assault like injuring someone badly. 
  • The next offense is illicit drugs which are around 16%. The government is taking every step to reduce this rate in the next coming years. 
  • After that, comes the sexual assault which is around 12%.

Australia is in the list of the safest country in the world

If you need to worry about something while staying in Australia, then it is getting sunburn! Globally, it is ranked in the top 20 countries as the safest place on earth. 

You can explore different places, meet new people, learn different cultures and traditions, study your favorite course, and make your future bright. 

You might not know this but Australia is ranked in the top 10 countries as the safest place for women.


The chances of being a victim of any crime are very low in Australia. So, it is clear that you are making the right choice of migrating to Australia.