hard drive recovery service

Important steps to recover your deleted data successfully

April 28, 2019

If you use a desktop or laptop on a daily basis, chances are you have already deleted some files accidentally which were not supposed to be deleted, at least once. Maybe you wanted to delete something, but you accidentally selected another important file and deleted the same. Or sometimes we empty out the recycle bin without realizing that some important files were there which could have been restored. Now, you want that data back – but how? Here, in this article, you’ll know what can you do in such cases and where you should go for hard drive recovery service in case you can’t do it yourself. We will mainly talk about windows pc here. However, almost everything mentioned here should be applicable with any other operating system – be it Linux, or Mac OS.

hard drive recovery service

The procedure described below will need your time, patience, and another working pc other than the affected one. If you’re in a hurry or you don’t have additional pc, or probably you just can’t afford to take the risk of doing it yourself, because the data in the hard drive is very important – you should go for professional help. Salvage data is specialized in hard drive recovery service, and you’ll get emergency data recovery if you need that data urgently. However, if you know what you’re doing, you can follow the guide step by step for successful data recovery.

Important steps in case you deleted your data accidentally

Keep your calm and do not do anything – This is very important. Please do not panic if you suspect any data loss; there are still many ways to recover your data. But if you get panicked and start making decisions, the chance of recovering any data will significantly decrease. You must remember that even when a hard drive gets corrupted, almost everything can be recovered with little effort, until and unless you start “doing” things on it. Anything you’d do in that hard disk, even if you open a simple word file, can make the situation worse. So, first thing first, keep your calm.

Do not shut down, but shut off the computer

Yes, shutting off the pc without properly “shutting down” can cause harm to your hardware, but that rule is for normal time. Here you must shut off the pc abruptly by pulling the cable off from the board or unplug the battery cable or just pull out the battery. In some laptop or desktop, pressing the power button for a few seconds can shut the device off similar way. The reason why we should shut off the pc that way is even when you do a proper shutdown; the pc overwrite some data. Even if you just keep the pc on and doing nothing, it still writes some data on the hard drive in the background. So, to be completely safe and to make sure nothing gets written on your hard drive, you should shut the pc off immediately.

Safely remove the drive – Now, unscrew the hard drive from your pc safely and get another computer which is running fine.

Hard drive cloning is necessary – Here, you should first clone your corrupted hard drive with the help of that working computer. You can, of course, choose to work on the affected hard drive directly without cloning, but that would be risky. So, to be on the safer side, first, clone the main drive and work on the cloned drive, while keeping the affected drive safely