Perfect Choices for the best Animal Protections

December 22, 2019

Many of the animal species are on the verge of extinction sad, but far from new information. Every civilized person regularly encounters it. But what does he feel at the same time? Most often, there are only light feelings about the fact that soon cute furry animals or beautiful formidable predators will remain only on promotional photographs and in the form of stuffed animals in museums. And practically no one thinks about the real danger of extinction of species. With Screenhaus magazine you can have the best deals now.


Citylife Curse for Them

The construction of cities, the destruction of forests, environmental pollution is only part of human activity to ensure a comfortable existence on our planet. But at the same time, parallels that have become obvious are too rarely taken into account: in nature, absolutely everything is interconnected if one link in the ecosystem disappears, the rest suffer. The destruction of animals undermines this fragile balance, and as a result, we irreversibly lose the most valuable resources that we ourselves need.

Mass extinctions as a phenomenon have always been observed in the history of our planet. Only today, due to human activity, the pace of this process is 10–100 times higher, which makes it especially dangerous. It is necessary to take measures now when there is a hope to make damage less destructive. In this article, we will consider the main ways to solve the problem and show what people who care about the fate of our common home are doing.

Conservation measures for rare animals: global level

As we have already said, the problem of extinction of species has acquired enormous proportions. Therefore, it is necessary to fight it at all levels of influence – from personal to state and world. In order to help endangered wild animals in different parts of the world, global interventions that are not feasible by individuals are required. Therefore, whole organizations with international recognition are created, such as WWF, Greenpeace. With their help, it has become much easier to solve the problems of maintaining the diversity of biological species of animals in the wild. Next, we will explain the main areas of work of such funds.

Identification of rare and endangered species

Measures aimed at studying populations of rare species of animals are necessary to develop strategies for their conservation. It is not only a matter of determining abundance – scientists should have the fullest possible picture of the characteristics of the habitat, adaptation to environmental factors, fertility and mortality, the principles of migration, and other components of the natural life of animals.

Species conservation

To solve this problem there is no universal plan because each species is unique and has its own biological characteristics. But one of the main directions can be considered the artificial breeding of rare animals in nurseries, reserves and zoos. Over the past decades, scientists have developed breeding programs for almost all species in this way, many representatives of the fauna, such as bison and lynxes, were saved from extinction.

On a note

Not so long ago, many were skeptical about the relevance of aviary breeding animals, believing that “domesticated” animals are not able to survive in the wild. However, the practice has shown the opposite. Programs for the return of animals to natural conditions have proven effective and imprinting on humans an exaggerated problem.