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Role Online Blockchain Technology can play in democracy

March 3, 2020

Every single day we hear about Bitcoin and Blockchain, but Blockchain is far beyond Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. It is a medium used in the most incorruptible way for economic transactions. In fact, this technology can not only be used for business transactions but virtually for anything of value but is bitcoin loophole legit . Blockchain is used in the pharmacy, system, gadget, food safety, airlines and many more industries.

is bitcoin loophole legit

Why is one of the basic structures for governing a country still rigged and unsecured in a world where technology is at the point where scientists arrive with flying cars? All has become much more straightforward and convenient with the development of technology, so why isn’t this technology used for quick and fair elections? In most countries, every person is entitled to vote.

So why does the entire population of adults in a country not vote on Election Day? Perhaps because the polling station is too far out. Citizens have to go and stand in big lines only to vote for one vote. Some even claim that the unequal outcomes of the elections do not count their voting.

Finally, the solution to this huge problem has arrived. A forum that mixes technology and politics in a perfect way. This leads to Blockchain Voting being invented. If this technology can be used for so many other purposes, why can not this technology be used for the most important voting function? Blockchain voting is an online voting platform that allows for a decentralized, awkward, secure and fast way to vote for an election alone. Blockchain voting will change the way we vote for the best absolutely. It does not leave any area of doubt or concern in the mind of the voter.

In modern technological times, there are certain things that only work best in old ways. A vote is not one of these things, however. Voting is the mechanism through which a country’s citizens select their representatives. This process should be highly secure, equal and completely precise; all the features of blockchain. Blockchain Voting is unchanging, transparent and cannot be manipulated to change the results. Blockchain voting is a requirement for the democratic and adult population of today who believe they can bring about a change in this country.

The players involved in Blockchain Voting would be the same as the players in the traditional voting procedure. This revolutionary change will inspire many voters. Anyone who has an Internet connection and is an adult, meaning that they have the right to vote, can be included in this Blockchain voting process. It is very easy to use this technology from a voter’s point of view.

Anyone with a telephone and internet connection can easily understand the software requirements. The people who vote do not have to wait in the long run and do not have to drive much to go and vote. This fast, hassle-free voting method will include more and more people in the voting process and will be part of a more democratic world. This is undoubtedly a cheaper and simpler way to hold elections. If different governments understand how necessary it is to incorporate this technology into their political environment, nations will have simple and fair elections.