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March 11, 2020

On the subject of Bitcoin, it was very easy and the first keywords that immediately came to my mind were about the main cryptocurrencies: “how to buy Bitcoin”, “how to buy Ethereum”, “how to buy Litecoin”, etc. For the SEO Affiliate Domination this is essential.

Well, already with these keywords we knew that we would be able to get good passive income in case we managed to position me. Now, all we had to do was confirm the search volumes, the value of the keywords and, above all, the breathability of my competition on search engines. The next step we took was to enter the keywords in SEMrush’s keyword analysis tool. This step is for:

  • Analyze and choose the best keyword variant with more search volume.
  • Determine the value of the keyword.
  • Analyze the competitiveness and breathability of competitors.

As for my analysis of how to buy Bitcoin, we immediately discovered something interesting:

The volume of the keyword:

We discovered that: first of all, we didn’t have to focus on the term “buy”, but on “buy”; later, we realized that we had to focus SEO optimization on the keyword “buy bitcoin” which has a volume of 6,600 monthly searches, rather than “how to buy bitcoin” with a search volume of 2,400.

SEO Affiliate Domination

To avoid misunderstandings and discussions with other “SEO experts” in the sector, we would like to clarify that it is good and obligatory to include all the other phrases in correspondences and modifiers such as, when within the article for good SEO optimization.

Attention: the data you just saw is very different from the data we saw when we decided to enter the Bitcoin niche. Since I’m creating the guide right now, we couldn’t help but show today’s search volumes. Despite this, the volumes are still good for exposing the case study and proceeding with the project.

The value of the keyword:

Well, verified that the search volume is over 3,000 monthly searches, the second figure to take into consideration is the CPC. A data serves to understand the value of the keyword and, consequently, the possibility of a possible monetization. CPC is the hypothetical cost per click on sponsored ads that Google shows in the top results for that keyword in the search engine. This data helps us understand how much, whoever invests in advertising, is willing to pay to be visible on Google for that keyword. The conclusion is obvious that the higher the CPC, the more the investor should have a higher return on investment. Consequently, if we had been able to get at least the top 3 for that keyword, we would have had a similar hypothetical gain on click too. CPC is, therefore, an excellent sentiment that indicates the potential of a keyword. A CPC of $ 6.43 as shown in the example is excellent.

The competitiveness of the keyword:

All fantastic for now, but the last fateful step is missing, what tells us if we will ever be able to position ourselves in the well-loved top 3, or, in the case of higher volumes such as those at the end of 2017, it would have been sufficient to enter the top 5, also given the high CPC. To check out competitors, you can always use the SEMrush tool. Next to the volume and CPC data, you will only have to click on SERP: