Premier Inn Hotel

The best hotel – Premier Inn Hotel

April 9, 2019

The best hotel – Premier Inn Hotel

Premier Inn hotel is one of the largest and well-known hotels with origin in the UK but has spread across the world. It is famous, and the topmost hotels and one can experience a luxurious stay. In the year 2006, the Premier Inn Hotel has made the purchase of holiday Inn hotels of eleven in the wales and in England. They have the sites which have kept the facilities of the leisure such as the swimming pool as well as the gym and except the hotel which is situated at the Norman Cross. The hotel Premier travel Inn has started to launch a bedroom design which is new in this year to move from the variations of Premier lodge and the travel Inn. Until then the rooms were the same as before and the hotels which are new are designed as the travel Inns.

The hotel is worldwide

The founder of these hotels is Whitbread, and he is the one who has shortened the name of these hotels to Premier Inn in the year 2007, he has announced the purchase of hotels which included golden tulip and 6 others under the brands of golden tulip and Tulip Inn. These hotels after the purchase are named as Premier Inns. Over the following 3 years, there was an announcement by the Whitbread expansion of Premier Inn with 100 million euros in London in the year 2008.

Super comfy and variety of rooms

They have the family rooms, and they are spacious which will be accommodating up to 2 adults along with the kids who are aged 15 or below that. most of their family rooms will have the feature of double or the king size who is super comfy with the Hypnos bed and the single bed as well as the pull-out bed. They are going to provide the cots at no cost extra. They have the new generation rooms as the hotel the Premier Inn are committed totally for providing the quality which is outstanding and the attention which is exceptional each and every time. With this keeping in mind, they have started the brand-new design of bedroom which is rolling out to all of their hotels.

These are the rooms which are new, and they have featured with the king-size Hypnos bed with the mattress topper which is cozy and made of wool and the bathroom is updated freshly with the shower head which is large, and there is also tv which is impressive, and it is forty inches flat screen.

Premier Inn Hotel


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