The life is start with the birth and end with the death

November 3, 2020

First, what is the meaning of headstone, the headstone is nothing, but after the death, or finery the can build the stone for us, in the rock, there will be history is there about where are you born, and where are you die, and also there will be timing and date in the headstone isn’t called as Headstones . If there will be a high-class billionaire, he can design the monument before they died to keep the headstone after the finery of him. Their soul will be gone to heaven.



The death is also RIP. The RIP means to rest in peace. Their soul wants to get heaven in peace. The headstone also knows as a gravestone or a tombstone. It was mostly used in Christen, and on the Muslim side, they can’t burn the body; they just keep the body inside the mud. A lot of gravestones are made of marble. In the stone, we can write their name, to identify who was dead. In the stone want to write carefully, something gets wrong. We want to take the new stone for that and create the rock, and it will make a lot of time for that. And it will spoil the other work.

History of us

Why do you birth? And why do you die? It’s a simple reason. We can birth for a reason like have a lot of dreams in our life, we have a lot of responsibility to do that for the family, and their friends, we want a girl to love, and married and take care of her, we have a child to grow in their path. In this present world, there are many numbers of work that can do there, and we have the own dreamwork for the people they want to achieve that and live life as happily.


And then after some age, he/she can die because of having some bad habits, and some bad things in the, do that thing it’ sits also known karma. What are your you about karma? Karma is acting but, do a good thing to others. It will return either good and a complimentary item if we do a big thing for isotheres bad, and a negative thing will reach you till your death. It’s known as karma. A lot of their life is also in the law of karma. So, I want to live without any wrong for the people and be favorable to all the people.

Type of stone

The gravestone was made by the marble stones, and, in the marble stone, we can build the statue like a Jesus statue, Allah statue, and good Tamil statues like Krishna and others. So, they will pray for the l and the others. And in the gravestone, they can write the slogan for the people who died there. There is a different type of gravestone limestone, marble, salt, granite, sandstone, etc. It can make the structure of the status like someone said to them, or they can be drawn like trails, and they make the status.