saen higgins

The vitality of strong fixity on our passion

April 21, 2020

Wildlife means the undomesticated animal genre. Animals are lived in the Deserts, Grasslands, plains, forests, and rainforests. Wildlife animals are living their natural habitat and under the control of a human. It plays a major role in an equal environment. It is classified as the ecological importance,  investigatory importance, and economic importance and conservation biological diversity. Ecological importance is to help us to maintain an equal share of nature. It turns to effects the forest vegetation by killing a carnivorous to provide an increase in the number of herbivores. Wild animals’ products are medicine, ivory,  silk, lac, meat, etc. These are tremendous economic values.

saen higgins

saen higgins was born in Melbourne. At the age of 17, he starts his career. Then he slowly highly passionate about photography. He also young model boy and smart dance videography and he was creating some different editing skills.

Essential needs of wildlife:

Wildlife compared to living organisms like animals,  plants, microorganisms.

Plant propagation- wild animals are performed by certain pollination plants are birds and insects. It is an essential plant’s propagation.

Investigatory importance – It means of scientific experience for use of research purposes and studies about ecology, anatomy, and physiology.

Soil erosion – to prevent the plants and animals in the forest and make more strong us the necessity of wildlife.

Clean pollution – to make a new world and creates new biodiversity.

Benefits of wildlife conservation to humans

  • Public health
  • Food security
  • Creates an opportunity

Public health – with the help of scientists and researchers handle up the ways to develop human health. 90 percent of traditional medicines are included to cure.

Food security-  One of the major roles in food security to human. It makes the production of the forest against deforestation habitats and economic opportunities.

Creates opportunity  – Economy, society, and culture are also known as biodiversity. It improving agricultural production.

Necessary of camera

Prolonged seasons – It is a hunting season will beings a specific time. During hunting time, we can record the incidents and we can analyze the truth of reality. The camera gives real happiness.

Live telecast –  It is a live access program on the direct network from the satellite. People can see the life of animals. It depends on the quality camera.

Penetration –  It is a professional photographer who handles the animals’ hunters and they can easily be gathering information about wildlife animals. It deals with the depth of research animals and their lifestyle.

Simplicity exploring –  It is close to the natural forest house. Photography can see the view of the animal’s lifestyle in the forest. It is the safest place for a photographer. It is a view about the vacation and beauty of wild animals.

Every photographer needs a good journey of wildlife photography. Because it deals with the passion of the photographer and his desire to achieve the passion world. His dream up the photography business is dealt with the soul of art. Some members’ thoughts are just photography or else it just an image of something. Every passionate photographer knew about the pain of photography captures.