E-cigarette starter kit

What Kind of Option is Open for Your E Cigarette

December 28, 2019

E-liquid panel is the customizable part of your electronic cigarette. The current blends, whether sold ready to use or presented as kits for making in Do It Yourself, offer vapors the opportunity to taste an incredible variety of flavors: fruity, minty, tobacco flavor, etc. The mixture consists of a non-nicotine base, aromas, possibly additives serving as flavor enhancers, and a booster, for vapers who wish to vape nicotine e-liquids. The E-cigarette starter kit  comes up to be the best there.

The atomizer: Atomizers panel

The re-constructible atomizer plays the same role as the clearomiser on an electronic cigarette. However, it does not use pre-assembled resistors since it is up to the user to make its own resistors. Thus, the reconstructable atomizer is more economical and more permissive than the standard clearomiser since the consumables are quickly amortized and it allows the vapor to adapt the assembly according to his needs, his preferences. In general, reconstructable atomizers make it possible to obtain a rendering of the flavors of e-liquids much more faithful than with a clearomiser.

On the other hand, using a reconstructable atomizer requires being properly equipped to make your own resistors in good conditions:

  • The resistive wire Kanthal, Nichrome, stainless steel
  • The fiber cotton, silica
  • Cutting pliers
  • A pair of scissors
  • A tool to measure the resistance value ohmmeter, electronic box
  • A mounting template
  • A screwdriver to fix the resistance to the plate

Vaping on a reconstructable atomizer opens the doors to the infinity of different assemblies from the very simple with a single resistive wire to the most complex with several wires or even several resistances. It will thus be easier to adapt its assembly according to its preferences to make the most of the flavors of its favorite e-liquids. To go further, there are two main families of re-constructible atomizers:

E-cigarette starter kit

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer

The RTA match the size of sprays most common electronic cigarette. There is a tank inside an atomization chamber in which will be located your resistance. Among the RTAs, two sub-categories appear with the bottom-coil atomizers where the resistance is located below or in the tank and the top-coil atomizers where the resistance is placed above the tank allowing the e-liquid to reassemble by capillary action.

Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer

The RDTA, more commonly known drippers differ from previous because they have no tanks. Indeed, these were originally designed to test e-liquids by depositing a few drops of them directly on the fiber of the resistance. We note with the emergence of bottom-feeder mods that RDTAs are more and more popular with vapers.

What is the difference between electronic cigarettes and conventional cigarettes?

The electronic cigarette does not produce smoke. It produces steam. In this sense, we do not smoke an electronic cigarette. Nothing burns. This is the reason why vapers are not subjected to the fumes of carbon monoxide, tar and the more than 60 additives contained in conventional cigarettes and suspected of being carcinogenic. The electronic cigarette does not necessarily contain nicotine, although it is not toxic or dangerous for health.

Regarding the flavors, they are all authorized for food use, which means that they are not toxic if swallowed. The first studies on the potential toxicity of electronic cigarettes show that vaping leads to inhaling far fewer toxic substances than smoking a traditional cigarette.