How a Push Affects Your Sports bet

July 2, 2019

If you are looking for what a push is and how it affects your sports bet then it is safe to say that you have come to the right place. In a nutshell, what it means by a push is what happens to your bet in the case when the event you placed your bet on ends up being a tie. Over the course of years, betting and the rules it follows have changed for better and for worse, one thing that everybody loves is winning and they will do everything in their power to win sometimes. This is the reason why most of the ties have been changed with some other measures to make sure there is either a win or a loss. The thrill of winning is like an addiction and once you get addicted, loss does not seem much of a problem and that is the reason almost every situation where a tie can happen some other rule has been applied. But still, there are rare chances when we need to declare a tie and there is no other option whatsoever. First and foremost, you should understand the essence of a push and how it can work in your favor.

Pushes are happening all the time in the sporting world, if you are betting NFL points spread which is a pretty common betting place you can end up with a tie. If the spread is set at +/- 3 and if blue jays score +3 and wolves get a -3 then there is a possibility of results ending with 17-14,20-17 and 24-21 and in all of these cases, it is pretty much a push. There are exceptions but almost always there is ruled to sort out the pushes in such cases when the total also results in a push which is not such a common feat. One thing that most people should know is that single bets (also referred to as “straight wagers”) when met with a push are refunded 99% of the time. The other 1 is dependent on where you are at the moment and whether that place follows the common rules of the betting world. If the score of a game is a tie and if the total is both under and over a push, then the bet would be refunded if the wager made was a straight one. But these things get complicated when we reach teasers and parlays since they cannot be so easily sorted out like a single bet.

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When dealing with ties in a multi-event wager, things are not so easy, most sportsbooks in a multi-event wager think of having one fewer leg in the event (if that particular leg is a push). For example, if you get the odds 6/1 when you win a three-team parlay and 12/1 in a four teamer then if the last bet was a push then you will get the reward considering that the event only had three legs, to begin with. Sure in this way, the rewards will be much less but it benefits you as well as the dealer since you are essentially saving much of the money you won and the dealer doesn’t have to make a payout way more than he needs to. While this sounds fair to most people some sportsbooks include the pushes into the odds and consider it a loss for you (they call them “push lost bets”) which in its essence basically means you did not win and hence you lost. This is fairly common when dealing in parlay cards that are available at the early start of the week and remain on the table till Saturday or Sunday. All of this means that you need to understand how a push is dealt by the sportsbooks rule your dealer is following, this means reading in the fine print which most people find boring but it needs to be done since that is the only way you can avoid losing a lot of money by your negligence.

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The easiest way of avoiding a push to bet on a spread that has half points in them, this strategy is also known as “hook”, usually these are avoided by almost every sportsbook but you can buy a half point and make yourself a hook. But in the long run, you are just spending a little bit of your winning money on getting that particular win. It just makes much more sense to buy a half-point to get -2.5 instead of -110 when you are laying down three. Some sports even offer a three-way betting which is essentially a way of saying that you can even bet on a tie. You can easily try all of these bets and understand the rules online at