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Great IT Support Options You Can Get Now

April 3, 2020

If you do not have an IT technician in your company, the slightest breakdown can prove to be a major problem, paralyzing your company and forcing you to stop your activity. This is why professionals offers its customers an IT support service tailored to their needs in order to solve their problems effectively. With the kent it support you can find the best deal now.

Why outsource your IT support?

Subscribing to an outsourced IT support offer for your business allows you to quickly deal with your computer system failure. Incident management is carried out by expert technicians with solid experience. They come to your aid via telephone assistance, remote handling on one of your workstations or by on-site intervention by the technician depending on the case. IT support is an efficient and reliable solution that will allow you to solve your IT problems at low cost without affecting your business.

The advantages of outsourced IT support:

  • You have the skills of an expert, readily available.
  • You focus your resources on your core business.
  • You reduce the costs of managing and maintaining your computer system.
  • You benefit from the advice of a single contact.
  • The response time is particularly short.

Maintain your productivity.

kent it support

By opting for an outsourced IT support solution, you ensure that your employees have an efficient IT system, which guarantees their productivity. Our technicians carry out a technical diagnosis and work to resolve the fault as soon as possible. You can be repaired anywhere in record time, which is an advantage if your company is made up of several sites or if some of your employees are mobile.

Be repaired quickly.

IT support Professionals is the ideal solution for SMEs that do not have an in-house IT department. Access to fast and efficient troubleshooting allows you to maintain the productivity of your business in all circumstances. You no longer take the risk of being paralyzed by a computer failure. Remote maintenance or remote assistance guarantees you immediate troubleshooting, carried out by an expert technician.

Remote control

Remote control of your computer allows our experts to troubleshoot your computer workstations without having to travel. This solution shows many advantages, in particular the speed of intervention everywhere in France and the reduction of costs. 90% of IT problems can be solved remotely. In addition, you can follow all the technician’s operations live on your screen. Remote control is a reliable solution.

LogMeIn software

LogmeIn remote handling software, used by Professionals, guarantees a 100% secure handling over the internet. It does not require installation and leaves no traces on your computer. LogMeIn is the number 1 computer support software in the world and is used by large companies. Its interface is simple and easy to use in order to guarantee an immediate and secure handling on Mac and PC.

Outsourcing company Professionals gives you quick and easy access to an IT support solution for your business. Technicians are available to help you quickly, no matter the extent of your problem. The IT maintenance technician is part of the IT sector. In business or on behalf of a service provider, he takes care of the repair, maintenance of the equipment and also the installation of various software or computer equipment. It can also have a role of trainer.

What does a computer maintenance technician do? What is his role?

A computer that does not start any more, software that is impossible to install, access to the network unavailable, the printer that no longer wants to print anything. The IT maintenance technician is the savior of these situations of breakdowns or other computer bugs encountered by any user working with computer hardware.