surgical mask

Preventive mask’s properties

June 12, 2020

Surgical masks are made up of non-woven fabric material which has more Filtration for germs and also air permeability is huge than normal clothes and even less slippery than woven clothes. There is some difference between the surgical mask and the procedure mask. They are like surgical mask have ties which is much useful for adjustment for fit. Like that procedure mask used for performing the procedure of the patient, or sometimes they are used for protecting the patients from potential contaminants when they are in isolation. A face mask is another name for a surgical mask. The difference between the surgical maskand the respirators is that the surgical mask is created in a loose-fitting manner that creates a physical barrier between the mouth and nose of the user and the respirators fit the face tightly and also filter some airborne disease particles to protect the workers more safely. The lifetime of this mask is a maximum of 8 hours also depending on the environmental conditions. It made some difficulties during breathing that shows have to change the mask. This mask requires a flume mesh of synthetic polymer fibers, specifically non-woven polypropylene fabric. It can be produced by melt blowing and forms the inner filtration layer Which filters out the hazardous particles from the atmosphere.

N95 masks

This mask is more preventive than the surgical mask because it protects the large and small particles during the inhales of the patient or the operators. The name of the mask indicates that 95% of the small particles are blocked and this mask contains valves which makes the easy ventilation. And those particles stick out the masks are thrown out during the exhaling process. These respirators are used with proper training to seal very strong and tight to the face of the users. All these masks are available online also and nowadays due to various pandemic problems masks are insufficient for that purpose many industries manufacturing it.

surgical mask

The DIY surgical mask pattern

This surgical mask is made with some materials like 100% cotton fabric with a tight weaving process. 1/8 flat elastic for ear loops to hold the mask with users ear, or 4 fabric ties even can use the same cotton fabric for the process of making strips. Fabric scissors, ruler, pins or clips, sewing machine, and thread. New research published in ACS nana, general by the American Chemical Society, suggests a combination of cotton with natural silks which make the manufacturing different than the normal process or chiffon makes for the most effective mask. There are three layers of the surgical mask

  1. The outer hydrophobic non-woven layer
  2. Middle melt-blown layer
  3. An inner soft absorbent non-woven layer

Guidelines for using dace masks were recently updated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Research into whether a reusable clothe mask can slow the spread of the new coronavirus resulted in contradictory findings. Cotton made reusable mask are ineffective than the powerful masks. These masks are tested the fabric to see if it could filter out the very small aerosol particles. These are all because researchers believe that SARS-Cov-2 may disseminate not just through droplets for instance even from coughs also through minute particles in the breathing of humans.